Class Titles and Testimonials


Classes We Provde

We provide classes on a variety of topics such as:

  • Mealtime Manners
  • Manners for Your Little Minion
  • Beyond Please & Thank You
  • Honesty, Integrity and More
  • Traditional British Tea Party
  • Teddy Bear "Tea" Time
  • & More

Announce coming events

In 2019 you will find us at many local events teaching etiquette while making it fun, educational and entertaining by utilizing games, activities and learning handouts.


"With  the level of great communication from the start and throughout, I knew  this connection of meeting Susan-Etiquette Chics was going to be a  positive one.  Once they arrived at the program, they were very prepared  and had a nice display of their items being used to show off their  talent.  They kept the group thoroughly engaged and their material was  relevant and interesting.  I look forward to working with Susan for many  years to come!!"

S. Farrell 

Recreation Supervisor